GIS – Marketing Intelligence Platform

The Leading Online Platform
for Multicultural Market Intelligence

The Geoscape Intelligence System (GIS) is today’s platform for researching, understanding and presenting the dynamics of local markets. Its sophisticated features are unmatched by simple mapping solutions, yet easy enough to use across any organization, regardless of size. Beyond mapping, our GIS can be used to explore data and gain the kind of insights that lead to better decisions for gaining market potential.

  • -On-line dynamic  mapping, tabular reports and graphs with one mouse click
  • -Multi-dimensional database technology to access strategic and tactical opportunities
  • -Retail trade area analysis, market potential reporting and graphing
  • -Precise coverage maps to compare residential demographics to media coverage and audience data
  • -Database enrichment for market segmentation and analysis for more effective CRM
  • -Immediate access to consumer and business lists
  • -Local market and national data across product types and channels
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Visualize Opportunities

The Geoscape Intelligence System is a software as a service (SaaS) platform easily accessible via any popular web browser - no software installation is required. Visualize data on markets, consumers and businesses with on-line dynamic mapping, charting and tabular reports.

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Online Dynamic Mapping

Calculate demand for your stores, products and services. Analyze market potential down to the zip code and block group level.The agile, intuitive platform delivers a simplified and personalized approach to analytics by empowering users to rapidly extract powerful data points and actionable insights.

GIS Marketing Intelligence Platform

Measure Potential Customers

Measure the number of potential customers, as well as their culture, geo-demographics, spending potential, point-of-sale, household and other business data, all within your Markets/Retail Trade Areas. Geoscape Intelligence System (GIS) will be your go to if you want to maximize ROI.

Get unique data, analytics and actionable insights to target high-growth, high-value consumer segments.

See firsthand how easy it is to gain actionable intelligence on your local markets. See your trade areas come alive and discover how to tailor your product distribution & boost sell-through in key market areas.

Geoscape is the secret weapon behind today's top brands!

Hundreds of corporations across a variety of industries rely on our technology-infused products and services. We provide similar products and services for Canada and throughout the greater European Community as well.