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Tap into Geoscape’s unmatched resources and data coupled with our seasoned research team to get a much more accurate portrait of your customers, target prospects and more actionable results – all at competitive rates.

With a staff of 20+ seasoned Bilingual / Bicultural consultants, Geoscape helps our Clients across a variety of industries better understand the motivations and drivers of the multicultural consumer.

Why Geoscape?

Experience – Our senior leadership has a combined almost 100 years of research experience across many disciplines and industries.

Unique Blend of Qualifications – Only Geoscape Research can provide the combination of extensive primary research expertise, with authentic multicultural experience and Geoscape’s proprietary online intelligence platform to enhance and enrich the research design and deliverables.

Geoscape Sample Stratification – Uses unique target market metrics to ensure appropriate representation of consumer sub-segments and across geographic areas. This will improve the match between sample respondents and the actual target consumer.

Geoscape proprietary data enrichment products provide more in-depth information without the need for lengthy questionnaires. This can be done after the interview to add critical data to the respondent profile.

Sample Universe Extraction – Among its sampling resources, Geoscape Research utilizes HomeBase™, which contains data on more than 114 million households in the U.S. and more than 220 million adult household members; in addition,  HomeBase™ utilizes dozens of metrics to create strata and quotas based on key anchor points. For businesses, BizBase™ contains deep data on nearly 40 million business enterprises of all types and sizes.

Focus Group and Intercept Optimization – Participant recruiting is improved based on spatial and demographic stratification to ensure efficiency and accurate representation. This improves the match between participants and the target market in the most efficient manner.

Respondent information is used to link to other Geoscape segmentation resources using Hispanicity™  and Asianicity™ CultureCoding®.  Our proprietary framework is an accurate, efficient tool for screening and classifying respondents by acculturation level, and can be applied to any methodology or research application.

Quantitative Research Capabilities

We help identify the approach and methodologies that best match your needs for reaching particular multicultural segments.

  • In-person intercept interviews with connected tablets
  • Web-based online
  • Mobile
  • Door-to-door
  • Telephone (landline and mobile phone)
  • In-store or on-site
  • Dial testing and perception analysis
  • Hybrid
For more information, contact one of our Geoscape Client Advisors.