Retail Target Analyzer

retail target analysis

Retail Target Analyzer empowers you to understand the market potential within the trade area of an individual site or your entire chain using advanced trade area and micro-geographic data aggregation technology. A direct link to List Gateway enables rapid extraction of prospect counts and lists within the defined trading area.

Perform precision trade area analysis, market potential reporting and graphing.

Features & Benefits

  • Enter one site at a time or upload your entire chain.
  • Create trade area maps showing detailed situations in various ring sizes or drive-times.
  • PrecisionPoint™ technology optimizes data aggregation from ZIP to block groups to trade areas. Choose from non-overlapping, aggregate and overlapping trade areas.
  • Display and analysis of up to 4 different user-defined display points at one time; allows you to compare trade areas against competitors, partners and more.
  • Variable trade area targeting and thematic mapping of more than one variable.
  • Quickly create custom trade areas based on specific types of outlets. Overlay media coverage zones.
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