DirecTarget® SDK


Enriching your customer data can yield powerful insights and actionable targeting. Geoscape offers the ability to enrich your customer information files and lists in three ways: 1) online via the Geoscape Intelligence System; 2) as a service performed based on your specifications; and 3) with the DirecTarget® System Development Kit (SDK) an application programming toolkit designed to help you build many of the DirecTarget® functions into your own customer information systems using industry-standard technologies. Geoscape developed its proprietary DirecTarget® system in a manner distinct from previous methods. Prior methods are primarily a "genealogical" approach to identifying ethnicity whereas Geoscape applies a model based on immigration and other key factors that help us distinguish origin.

In addition, Geoscape employs a wide variety of techniques including usage of first name and detailed micro-geographic data, which we have developed in unprecedented detail. DirecTarget® has been calibrated to provide reliable results and to avoid the high error rates often seen when an origin determination is based on too little information (e.g., commonly used first name only or a presumed spelling variant of the surname).

By incorporating the DirecTarget® SDK into your data center, you can easily append the same key Geoscape attributes you find most valuable in your current Customer Information File (CIF) into any new prospects or customers automatically. Your data never leaves your servers and your CIF is always up-to-date giving you more effective descriptive profiles and more efficient targeting methodologies.

DirecTarget® is a family of services that help ensure businesses leverage their customer file assets. This enrichment process leads to effective descriptive profiles, segmentation and predictive analytics that help achieve remarkable return on investment:

Services include a full range of deliverables:

  • CultureCoding
  • Ground Truth Segmentation
  • DemoCoding & MarketCoding
  • ReligionCoding
  • GenderCoding
  • Predictive Modeling & Analytics
  • Direct marketing & Research lists
  • Address & Name standardization and hygiene
  • Geographic location coding

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