Define and Connect with Multicultural Audiences

Geoscape's AUDIENTIVITY®, a new digital audience targeting platform allows brands to reach individual consumers and businesses through their internet-connected devices. IP Targeting brings the location-specific accuracy of direct mail to digital advertising. Through our patented IP algorithm, we deliver digital ads to your customer by matching their IP address with their physical address, allowing for display and video digital advertising.


  • IP targeting is superior to geo-targeting because it allows you to target your advertising to specific households and businesses.
  • Reduces wasted impressions and increases click-through rates by delivering relevant ads to specific audiences with IP location targeting.
  • With our IP Targeting technology, we match the IP at a 95% or greater confidence level for true one-to-one marketing.
  • 100% Cookie-Free IP Targeting. While most other online marketing tools use online cookie data, We use offline data, which is verified and drastically reduces the potential of non-human bot traffic.

Target Specific Audiences
@Home, @Mobile and @Venue


Household IP Targeting is direct mail for the internet. It's digital advertising that allows you to target your ads to individual households based on their IP address. Combined with Geoscape’s off-line household information with IP data, it represents an extraordinarily effective targeting approach to reaching niche markets that contain only qualified prospects. Geoscape’s proven process delivers the most relevant online advertising to a client’s true audience, growing lead conversions and revenue.

AUDIENTIVITY® for Venue & Mobile

Serves targeted digital banners ads to entire college campuses, hotels, trade shows, conventions, and other venues where masses gather via the locations' IP addresses. Buy the audience you specify, deliver your campaign to them on out-of-home (OOH) screens and their mobile device, and measure the impact of your ad campaign.


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Younger population segments are increasingly disconnected from traditional media and are predominantly members of cultural segments other than white non-Hispanic

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Multicultural consumers are more receptive to digital content compared to relatively older white non-Hispanic population segments

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66 percent of U.S. Hispanics online say they pay attention to online advertisements—nearly 20 percentage points more than the general population.

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The combination of growth, youth and receptiveness to digital engagement makes Hispanic and other cultural segments very attractive targets for connecting digitally.

Learn how we can help you target high-growth, high-value multicultural consumer segments.

"We helped one of our biggest clients target customers who were 14% more likely to buy and spent 4% more - The ROI was proven through match-back analytics."

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