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Actionable Intelligence to Accelerate Growth

The Geoscape Intelligence System (GIS) is today’s platform for researching, understanding and presenting the dynamics of local markets across the United States and Europe. Marketing and Operations executives and their teams can now quickly and easily meet some of their most formidable challenges.

Retailer and Consumer Goods

Identify locations for future sites, determine which outlets should stock certain specialty products based on surrounding demographics, target specific households with coupons or newspaper inserts, and extract a list of targeted consumers or businesses within the stores’ trade areas.


Better understand your client base through data enrichment and analytics; specifically target those who are most likely to adopt your services. Explore where to get maximum coverage with retail outlets while reducing churn with targeted offers in-language and in-culture.

Insurance Providers

Analyze where to augment your provider and agent networks based on consumer demographics at the neighborhood level and ensure that services are available in a culturally sensitive manner. Reach specific policy holder target consumers through mail, telephone, email and digital and mobile campaigns.

Media & Entertainment

Illustrate the geographic footprint of your audience and its spending power within media coverage areas, helping to win and retain customers. Leverage this data to pitch to your advertisers and easily manage your circulation and media offerings.