Market Snapshot Louisville, KY DMA Report (Demographic Data)

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This month's market snapshot focuses on the Louisville, Kentucky Designated Market Area (DMA). The Louisville Designated Market Area (DMA) is situated along Kentucky’s northern state line across the Ohio River from Indiana, and is the largest DMA in the state of Kentucky. It is home to a population of 1,767,862, making it the 52nd most populous DMA in the United States.

Here are some highlights from the report:

  • The largest and fastest growing minority group in the Louisville DMA is the Hispanic population, which experienced a nearly 248% growth between 2000 and 2017 and now makes up more than 5.2% of the total population. Today the DMA is home to 91,315 Hispanics.
  • 20.7% of the population in the Louisville DMA is multicultural. Black Non-Hispanics account for the largest multicultural segment at 11.5% of the total population, followed by Hispanics at approximately 5.2%.
  • Approximately 66.4% of Hispanics within the Louisville DMA are of Mexican descent. Puerto Ricans account for the 2nd largest single Hispanic group representing 10.8% of the total Hispanic population.
  • Over 70% of the Hispanics within the Louisville DMA have an acculturation profile that is on par with the national average as a whole.

This Snapshot Contains:

  • Page 1: Intro
  • Page 2: Population by Race/Ethnicity Counts
  • Page 3: Population by Race/Ethnicity Percentage and Population by Hispanic Region
  • Page 4: Hispanicity (Acculturation) Segments
  • Page 5: Socioeconomic Status (SES) Map of Louisville
  • Page 6: Dominant Race or Ethnicity Map of Louisville

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