Healthcare application

The healthcare industry is among the most dynamic businesses in our domestic economy and is subject to challenging regulatory forces. Geoscape has developed a wide range of data systems and analytic consulting services to help healthcare marketers understand their consumers and develop accurate and efficient methods for building stronger relationships with an evidence-based approach to healthcare.

The healthcare business depends on accurate and up-to-date data on consumers and their usage, preferences, lifestyles, cultures and buying behavior. The Geoscape data resources can be combined with a healthcare company’s own customer information file to provide a wealth of knowledge and analysis. Among the data points most useful for today’s marketers are the cultural elements such as ethnicity, race, language preference, socioeconomic status, lifestyle and other elements that can enable segmentation and predictive modeling—leading to effective acquisition and retention campaigns.

In addition, understanding the spatial distribution of required consumer elements and needs will prove advantageous in providing services that address the unmet needs of an increasingly diverse community.

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