Financial Services

22185461_sFinancial services such as banking, credit cards, insurance, money transfer and lending are the cornerstone of our economy. Understanding how to best serve clients and how to capture market opportunities is essential to long-term success in this market.

The increasing diversity of the consumer and business market requires marketers to deepen their understanding of client preferences and buying behavior in order to execute effective strategic and tactical business plans. As competition increases and opportunities to reach under-served consumer segments face continued reduction and restriction, it is imperative to determine how and to whom you can effectively market, ahead of the competition.

Geoscape provides a range of market intelligence data, systems and analytic services to help financial services professionals address the challenges and opportunities. Since most financial services are inherently dependent upon holding accurate and up-to-date data on their clients, data-based solutions are fundamental.

Retail banking, insurance and other transactions at point of sale (POS) link clients to their area of residence or business—understanding the dynamics of trade area activity also forms an essential part of sound financial services marketing.

Understanding the unique qualities of your client segment provides an opportunity to efficiently increase response, acquisition and retention rates. Enhanced market sophistication is the requirement to achieving more clients with an increased level of loyalty and a higher lifetime value to your business.

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