Geoscape Presenting at ECRM International Food Show

The Future of Retail Growth is Multicultural: How Hispanics, Asians and the New Mainstream Will Drive Revenues and Profits Into the Foreseeable Future and What Retailers Need To Know To Cash-In

Monday July 24th

Speaker: David Mesas, Director of Sales

Company: Geoscape

In the U.S., growth since 2010 emanates primarily from key ethnic groups such as Hispanic and Asian as well as blended life stage and new mainstream groups, such as millennials, Generation Z and the LGBT community.  Because these groups are complex and diverse, companies must dissect their demographic, economic, behavioral and consumption patterns, allowing brands to connect the dots from strategy to shelf space in the store and in the cupboard. This session will deliver a primer on how to successfully tap into multicultural growth and showcase best practices on combining retail, database, and digital techniques to deliver the growth expected of us all.

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