What I Learned From the Hispanic Community About Entrepreneurship

Oct 27, 2014 / By César Melgoza

As a Mexican-American who has followed the recent celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, I am very proud of my culture. The Hispanic community has a certain passion that transcends its component cultures and draws in others. The vibrancy of Hispanic cultures' style, music and food has influenced the look and feel of America. This passion is also evident in the way many Hispanics do business and the opportunities that they created. [...]

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Linking Data to Taste Buds: How Goya Breaks Down the Hispanic Segment

Aug 07, 2014 / By Communications Department

“Previously [data collection] was primarily grassroots,” Joseph Perez SVP of Goya explained. “[It involved] visiting markets, conversations with sales brokers, store owners and even family contacts where people were moving to. Geoscape allowed us to not only validate the basics we knew and discovered but gave us more precise details: population numbers, zip code, economic indicators, etc…” [...]

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Geoscape Trailer Video

Nov 15, 2011 / By Communications Department

Geoscape Trailer Video – Learn how GIS can provide actionable intelligence on your local markets. [...]

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