Hispanic Business Growth Outstrips Rest of US

Sep 21, 2015 / By Communications Department

According to a new study from Geoscape and the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the number of Hispanic-owned businesses in the U.S. will surpass 4 million by the end of 2015, contributing $661 billion in combined annual revenue to the American economy... [...]

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CMO Council and Geoscape Survey Finds Marketers Fall Short on Multicultural

Sep 01, 2015 / By Communications Department

CMO Council and Geoscape’s, “Activating the New American Mainstream” survey finds Marketers fall short on Multicultural The survey found that half of the 150 North America-based senior marketing executives polled feel there actually is some level of support for multicultural engagement strategies from the senior levels of the organization, but it isn’t coming from the top. [...]

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What Latino Voters Care About More Than Immigration

May 19, 2015 / By Communications Department

Over 11 million Latinos voted in the last presidential election. Their numbers have only grown since, especially in key battleground states such as Colorado, Florida, Virginia and Arizona. Just last week, Hillary Clinton hired a spokesperson specifically to handle Hispanic issues. [...]

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Are Hispanics tech’s next tycoons?

Jan 12, 2015 / By Communications Department

There comes a time when the word "minority" loses its context, where one group surpasses its status in population and influence, crossing over into a new mainstream community of Americans. When I first arrived in Silicon Valley to work for Apple in the 1980s, I felt like a minority. I entered a world with circles of influence that looked and felt foreign to me. [...]

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Consumer Change Written on Faces of Multicultural Dolls

Dec 17, 2014 / By Communications Department

By pulling two non-white dolls from its lineup earlier this year, American Girl unwittingly sparked a social media firestorm centered on changing consumer expectations in a country rapidly becoming more racially and ethnically diverse. [...]

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Johnnie Walker’s Next Steps

Nov 01, 2014 / By Communications Department

“Leadership needs to be earned. It begins with being well-respected. It starts there, and you need to have a vision”… [...]

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