Is Rational Exuberance Just Around the Corner?

Nov 16, 2012 / By César Melgoza

The American economy may be poised for a recovery, but it will take cooperation from both sides of the aisle and solid leadership from the White House. Several recent articles in The Wall Street Journal point to the possibility of a very rational model for recovery. [...]

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¡God Bless América!

Jul 10, 2012 / By César Melgoza

As the earth turns its 237th revolution around the sun since the Revolutionary War gave birth to our nation back in 1776 we must ask ourselves, “What has America become?” What seems generally accepted is that we ARE a nation of immigrants. What seems to change is that some immigrant waves are more acceptable than others. Nonetheless, the reason for immigration remains constant, that we need a vibrant labor force to help build the nation’s future. [...]

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The Growth Majority and the New American Mainstream

May 04, 2012 / By César Melgoza

Presented at AZHCC’s Business Symposium, Transforming Arizona’s Economy (May 4, 2012) Thank you very much Gonzalo, the more I get to know you, the more I admire your professionalism and I believe Arizona is fortunate to have a leader like you during these challenging times.  It’s a pleasure to be with you on this very [...]

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Why Bilinguals Are Smarter

Mar 28, 2012 / By César Melgoza

I recently read an article entitled Why Bilinguals Are Smarter – sent to me by my sister who is an instructor of young children in California in a “dual immersion” Spanish/English school. The article is a must read and wake-up call to our American-centric culture that for too long has under-emphasized the role of other languages. As Tom Friedman has pointed out, “The World is Flat” and as... [...]

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Turning Insight into Action, Turning Action into Profit

Dec 01, 2011 / By César Melgoza

Actionable intelligence means transforming insights into execution. That’s where the “rubber meets the road” as the saying goes. Today’s leading business minds embody that experience and minimize the time between insights and action. Most American business people realize the New American Mainstream is upon us, but too few are right-sizing their approach to capitalize on [...]

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Beyond Legacy – Embracing the Platino Rule

Oct 14, 2011 / By César Melgoza

Somehow marketers seem to have developed a self-image as the source for lustrous marketing communications programs first and smart analytics second. Additionally, for a profession that is supposed to “think outside the bun” legacy continues to rule. For example, the last four years, while the economy has been mired in a stagnant if not downward [...]

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The USHCC Annual Convention: Indicative of a Strong New American Trend

Sep 22, 2011 / By César Melgoza

This week, I had the pleasure of participating in the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s 32nd Annual Convention and Business Expo. Miami hosted the event’s record-breaking attendance as corporate and small business executives along with political leaders convened to focus on recent successes and future challenges. This event helps define the future of America’s business [...]

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Multicultural, Niche or Mainstream?

Sep 12, 2011 / By César Melgoza

Consumer and spending growth are now dominated by Hispanics and other diverse cultures previously referred to as “minorities”. In fact, America’s well-being and its tax-base are increasingly dependent on the well-being of consumers from diverse cultural backgrounds. Corporate America is at a fork in its road – continue with the same investment mix (a lot [...]

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Growth Key to Corporate Success: Do you need BRICs or KICs to make it happen?

Jun 07, 2011 / By César Melgoza

The Conference Board recently published a poll of business executives that points to growth as the key issue for company executives.  “The global CEO consensus about 2011 suggests that growing one’s business is the key to success,” said Jonathan Spector, CEO of The Conference Board. “Now more than ever, business leaders are turning to new [...]

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