Geoscape Partner Program

Geoscape works with many industry leaders in their fields to offer you access to the most complete and robust portfolio of services, information and technology available today.

Providing your clients with proven business intelligence solutions can be incredibly challenging - finding the winning combination of marketing data, business intelligence software and industry expertise that meets your clients' needs shouldn't require extensive research on your part.

The Geoscape Partner Program provides the level of marketing research tools and assistance you need. Striving to integrate Geoscape data and software into all areas of marketing, Geoscape establishes a network of third-party partnerships to deliver demographic data, customer analysis, customized mailing lists, and business intelligence software products to clients.

As a Geoscape partner you will:

  • Enrich your clients' market information with key Geoscape business intelligence data that enables detailed customer analysis and targeted marketing.
  • Increase your revenue and market opportunities with Geoscape business intelligence data and add-ons that complement your current product offerings.
  • Enhance your market position by utilizing highly renowned, widely-used Geoscape market research data, recognized for being the most advanced business intelligence information resources available in the market.

Third-Party Business Intelligence Partner Options

Geoscape offers a variety of business opportunities, with business intelligence partnerships:

Consulting/Service Partners - Companies integrate Geoscape business intelligence data into their own customer market research solutions and deliver Geoscape data on a project basis.

Value Added Resellers - Depending on the application and industry, companies license data in-house and resell Geoscape business intelligence data independent of, or in addition to, their own marketing research products and are licensed to deliver Geoscape business intelligence data on a project basis or licensed service.

Advertising Agencies - Agencies license data in-house and support their clients with directional top line data independent of, or in addition to, their own marketing research products.

Market Research/Survey Company Partners - Companies utilize Geoscape data to enhance their market research methods and append Geoscape data to their consumer panels to deliver key consumer behavioral information.

OEM Partners - Companies deliver specialized, industry-specific business intelligence solutions that incorporate Geoscape technology and data. These OEM partners are licensed to utilize Geoscape data and technology as part of their respective business intelligence services.

Data Management, List Brokers and Compilers - Companies utilize Geoscape data for list selection, as a data enhancement or input into models to deliver key behavioral information.

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