David Mesas

In 2005, Mr. Mesas joined Geoscape to consult clients on the opportunities in the Multicultural consumer markets. He possesses a deep understanding of Geoscape’s unique databases, systems and consultative solutions. David works with advertising agencies and clients across various industries including telecommunications, retail, and QSR.

U.S. Army, Comcast Cable Communications, Verizon Wireless, AT&T, The Home Depot and Advance Auto Parts are just some of the companies who have achieved successful results working with David.

Prior to joining Geoscape, Mr. Mesas began his career at Clear Channel Communications designing and implementing radio and outdoor billboard advertising campaigns. David benefited from the extensive sales training and gained invaluable experience in working directly with advertising and PR agencies.

David was born in Miami, FL and is one of three children of Argentinean parents from Mendoza. He completed his degree in Management Information Systems (MIS) at Florida International University. His extensive knowledge of information technology and sales has been a major asset in developing his career at Geoscape. David enjoys long-distance running and is also passionate about participating in the evolution of America’s New Mainstream!

Contact: dmesas@geoscape.com  Phone: (888) 211-9353 x134