César M. Melgoza

César M. Melgoza, is a leading innovator and thought-leader on analytic services, business strategy, consumer insights and the development of market intelligence systems. After having fulfilled key roles at Silicon Valley firms Apple and Strategic Mapping, César founded Geoscape to develop market information systems and provide services for an increasingly diverse American and international marketplace.

César has demonstrated remarkable elasticity during his lifetime; prior to his first birthday he and his family migrated from Mexico to a California farm labor camp where he lived until the age of nine, and today he leads a business that provides counsel and technology to hundreds of senior corporate executives.

César’s career blends unique experiences in information technology, marketing, research, psychology and public policy. While completing his undergraduate degree in psychology at the University of California, he supervised quality control for Information Magnetics Corp. While earning his master’s degree at the University of Texas at Austin’s Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, César served as research associate at one of the first Hispanic market research companies and at the University’s Center for Mexican American Studies. His award-winning master’s thesis published in 1986 entitled “Chicanos in the New Economy” proved predictive in its thesis and employed advanced statistical analytics that planted the seeds for Geoscape.

César recently served on the board of directors of the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and on its Executive Committee. He has served on the advisory boards of Florida International University’s International MBA program and he is a board member of Florida State University’s Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication. His experience is drawn upon frequently by leading publications including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CNN, as well as dozens of marketing, business and public service conferences. César has developed business throughout Latin America, Europe and Asia.

His passion for music is demonstrated through performances in Afro-Caribbean percussion. César is the father of four children spanning three decades and resides in Miami, Florida.