What We Do

Geoscape provides actionable business intelligence via unique data, technology and analytic services to help our clients access high-growth opportunities in our culturally-diverse business environment.

How We Work

Geoscape offers self-service data-rich online systems and full-service analytics and consulting services to help our clients achieve significant growth. Most of our clients subscribe to our online platform and some also receive supplemental analytics, consulting and customized solutions consisting of a blend of items.

Geoscape considers our clients partners in a relationship where win-win is the rule we play by. We strive for complete customer satisfaction and we attempt to delight our clients with the service level they expect.


Geoscape provides thought-leadership, innovation and the means to understand and act upon business opportunities related to serving a more culturally-diverse business environment.


America has become a nation of diverse cultures united by geography and by the idea of liberty that we inherit from our forefathers. Cultural groups such as Hispanic, Asian, African American, Middle Eastern, Eastern and Central European are responsible for the great majority of the growth in our population. Corporate executives should ensure they “right-size” their efforts to serve all key consumer segments in order to benefit from the lifetime value inherent in the emerging American mainstream consumer.


Geoscape International, Inc. was founded in 1995 by César M Melgoza with an emphasis on international and Latin American markets. In 2001, Geoscape began focusing more intently on the multicultural American business environment and in June 2007 engaged the investment firm Goldman Sachs. Geoscape serves clients nationwide from offices in Miami and employees distributed throughout the U.S.

We are an internationally recognized firm with hundreds of clients across a number of industries. The Geoscape team brings a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise coupled with cultural insights and analytical brainpower that is unmatched in this dynamic industry.