Key Business Question for 2014: Who is The Mainstream Consumer?

Dec 26, 2013 / By César Melgoza

Most years are evolutionary, but few are revolutionary – and honestly, 2013 was hardly transformational. In many ways, a stagnant business landscape was affected by a deadlocked political atmosphere and highly divergent perceptions of critical national issues – such as health care and immigration reform. In other words, on the one hand there are those [...]

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Why Immigration Reform May Depend on Political Reform

Dec 06, 2013 / By César Melgoza

The immigration debate is a like a tragic comedy. It's a shame that a topic as critical to the national economy and tens of millions of lives is utilized as an instrument for political gain (or loss). Arguments on either side shift based on competing priorities and the political winds of the day without getting [...]

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Is Thanksgiving a Hispanic Opportunity? It Should Be.

Nov 26, 2013 / By César Melgoza

If the first rule of marketing is to know your audience, then most marketers are well aware that their targeted audiences have an increasingly multicultural constituent. Spending from emerging ethnicities, with Hispanics in particular, is growing exponentially, as the latest American Marketscape DataStream Report found that Hispanic households are projected to spend over $400,000 more in [...]

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National Hispanic Heritage Month – an American Celebration

Oct 03, 2013 / By César Melgoza

This week marks the middle of National Hispanic Heritage Month, which is designed to celebrate the contributions of Hispanic Americans to American society, economy and culture. For many large national organizations, it provides a timely occasion to shed a little exposure onto our country’s Hispanic American community. You already know that for us at Geoscape, [...]

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USHCC Convention Proves Latino Businesses Represent America’s Future Economic Growth

Sep 19, 2013 / By César Melgoza

This week, Chicago hosted the annual convention of the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC).  I have been both pleased and honored to serve on the board of directors and executive committee of this organization, which has rapidly become among the most influential and impactful in the nation.  This year’s attendance broke all previous records, [...]

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How to Make the Right Level of Hispanic Investment

Sep 10, 2013 / By César Melgoza

Last month, I talked to Forbes blogger Glenn Llopis about the mandate for companies to craft a successful Hispanic strategy. Our conversation lead to a post last week that included other interesting viewpoints from Univision and T-Mobile. We know the economic statistics and trends about why Hispanics deserve a greater investment. We at Geoscape consistently [...]

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From the White House to the Great White North – Latinos are White Hot!

Jun 03, 2013 / By César Melgoza

I’m pleased that serving Latinos has gone beyond the experimental stage at many companies and that both parties and the Executive Branch of our federal government are beginning to reach out to the community for guidance. On Wednesday May 29th, I was invited – along with a couple dozen other Latino business leaders from around [...]

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Taking It Mainstream

May 14, 2013 / By César Melgoza

Are “mainstream” companies taking too long to right-size their Latino business strategy? Will companies who’s heritage is serving Latinos encroach and steal their market share as these giants sleep? [...]

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Finding Success at the New Mainstream Business Summit

Apr 09, 2013 / By César Melgoza

I am pleased to report that the 9th Annual New Mainstream Business Summit was a huge success!  Two solid days of case studies, insight sessions and keynote addresses super-charged even the most savvy of marketers and strategists in the audience.  This was not the “same-old-same-old” hyperbole but really hard-hitting sessions with plenty of time for [...]

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