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Corner Office Interview: César M. Melgoza

Geoscape's Founder and CEO discusses his early influences and shares key lessons in leadership. [...]

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Geoscape Launches Series of Regional Events to Demonstrate Multicultural Marketing Analytics

The New Mainstream Business Forum is a series of regional events that will examine cutting-edge data analytics. New Mainstream Forum release FINAL [...]

Geoscape has had an immediate impact, and the longer we’re using it, the greater our return on investment becomes.
Moneygram Hal Gronfein, Vice President of Marketing for the United States and Canada Diverse Markets
To us, multicultural means that a high degree of customization is necessary. Geoscape was a natural fit for us, providing us the customization and data that’s of real value to our retailers.
Turbana Marion Tabard, Marketing Director
Geoscape helped Farmers Insurance develop an understanding of the multicultural insurance buyer and how to align our efforts to target them. We've established a partnership that's helping to quantify our growth and identify new opportunities.
Farmers Insurance Fred Descher, Senior Direct Marketing manager
We didn’t find anything in the market that compares with what Geoscape offers. It not only gives us highly accurate and up-to-date information, but also an incredible depth of data combined with sophisticated analytics.
Goya Alvaro Serrano, Senior Marketing Manager
We have to justify that our population and our audience is a powerful consumer base. Geoscape research is essential to prove their worth.
Entravision Ken Hansely, Vice President of Market Intelligence, Hispanic TV Research, Radio Research & Integrated Marketing
Geoscape’s visionary research highlights the economic impact of America’s expanding Hispanic business community while serving as a reputable source of information for policy makers, corporate executives and researchers.
United States Chamber of Commerce Javier Palomarez, President & CEO

CEO Blog

3 Ways to Help Your CMO Understand Why Multicultural Marketing Is Essential

César Melgoza

This blog post originally appeared in MediaPost. Most marketers understand that America’s demographics are evolving rapidly, as the majority of growth and nearly 40% of the American population is Asian, African-American, or Hispanic. But what’s astounding is that Asians and Hispanics together accounted for two-thirds of total economic [...]

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Geoscape provides actionable intelligence fueled by unique data, technology and experience - accelerating growth in a culturally diverse business environment.

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